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Isa and the Filthy Tongues


'The second album from the three Scotsman and their American girl is a dark power pop treasure to be savoured from start to finish'.
Scotland on Sunday (5/5 star review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'Pure Indie rock with Goth written right through the middle. With all the epic guitar of classic Bunnymen tempered by scuzzy Scottish scrappiness it's sure to fire you up'.
NME (review of the single NEW TOWN KILLERS)

'The best thing I'd heard all week - it really turned my head'.
Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio One (review of the single NEW TOWN KILLERS)

'Stacey Chavis provides the kind of cool, charismatic, rock'n'roll spit'n'grit vocals that has enabled the Filthy Tongues to produce one tough mother of a record.'
VonPipMusicalExpress (review of the single NEW TOWN KILLERS)

'There’s a clutch of great songs.....get a hold of it if you can. 'Dark Passenger’ is ample evidence that the Filthy Tongues are a band worthy of a wider audience'.
ManicPopThrills (review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'Driving rhythm and memorable hooks back great guitar riffs.....Looks to me like ISA & THE FILTHY TONGUES are going to find a lot more new friends!'.
LoudHorizon (9/10 star review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'Every track appeals in a different way but always the music is involving and deeply cast, sometimes wistful and sometimes threatening but never 'background' and if proof were needed that Isa & The Filthy Tongues are able to develop and build a career, then this is it.'
Music-News (4/5 star review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'The sound is dark, evoking Jesus and Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Echo & the Bunnymen with a stylish twist of Blondie. A band with a dark underground edge who deserve to be big.'
Sunday Mail (4/5 star review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'Dark Passenger is an early contender for Bluesbunny's Best of 2010'
Bluesbunny (review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'This Edinburgh band have added a great sound to one of Scotlands most promising new movies in years. A psychedelic mix of early 70's rock music and a magical indie blast......a great job'.
icScotland (review of the single NEW TOWN KILLERS)

'Isa and the Filthy Tongues were an ideal support for the New York Dolls and they were every bit as tight and compelling as the headliners'.
Glasgow Herald (review of Isa & the Filthy Tongues supporting the New York Dolls)

''From the moment she comes on, gliding from the dressing room down stairs to join the rest of the band who are already on stage, and spraying out through a toy megaphone the words of the spooky 'Dream Catcher', Oregon-raised front woman Stacey Chavis is completely captivating.'
Pennyblack (live review)

'Their musical barbs are bitter-edged and poison-tinged, with the haunting guitars of some Tarantino soundtrack and the moody, low, sparse echoes of The Killers. Think gothic country twang with Lydia Lunch-esque debauchery'.

'There's something more than a little bit Joy Division about the start of this song, but the propulsive nature of the backing makes the headlong charge into 'Big Star's' chorus all the more crashing and punchy. It's sexy, danceable and catchy - what more could you want?.'
Artrocker Magazine (review of the single BIG STAR)

'Impressionable music mixed with strong song writing is helping to shape this band nicely - and I also know firsthand that they sound pretty damn good live as well.'
Glasswerk (review of the album Dark Passenger)

'Producing wonderfully melodic though dark indie pop tunes through to the raw energy of punk rock, Isa & The Filthy Tongues excel at every opportunity.'
Buzzin Music Blog (review of the album DARK PASSENGER)

'Dressed all in black, and barely cracking a smile, the Filthy Tongues groove provocatively through a tight and potent set of no-nonsense, lo-fi indie rock'
shout4music.com (review of the gig at 93feeteast, London)

'Too good to be unsigned'
Rob da Bank, BBC Radio One

'Isa & Co deliver southern-fried alt.rock, like some gothic-pop Lydia Lunch, Bongwater or even The Primitives'
The List (5/5 star review of the album Addiction)

'A fine little single, dirty, scuzzy in just the right way with Isa's vocals having a dark intense PJ Harvey quality to them that compliments Metcalfe's intense wall of fuzz guitars very nicely. It's a cracking, intensely immediate single that deserves to be subverting daytime radio playlists everywhere.'
god is in the tv (review of the single BIG STAR)

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Kerrang Radio, Lauren Laverne BBC 6, Steve Lamacq BBC 6, Vic Galloway BBC 6, Liz Kershaw BBC 6, Chris Hawkins BBC 6, BFBS network, Radio 2XS playlist, Janice Long BBC 6, Radiob92 Belgrade.